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1 his country is prepared to engage in a renewed nuclear arms race if the United States goes ahead with its planned nuclear missile shield program. Vladmir Putin President 1 found
2 he hoped the OSCE observers would soon be released. Vladmir Putin 1 found
3 steps taken by authorities in Crimea were "based on international law and aimed at guaranteeing the legitimate interests of the peninsula's population," the Kremlin said Vladmir Putin 1 found
4 Georgia was engaging in genocide against Russians in West Ossetia. Vladmir Putin 1 found
5 Berlin's position to him, before heading to a restaurant with Schrder and a handful of other guests including Philipp Missfelder, the foreign policy spokesman of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats, former Hamburg Mayor Henning Voscherau and some industry representatives Vladmir Putin 1 found
6 about the incident would have made sense Vladmir Putin 1 found
7 Lyosha, you know Surkov. Vladmir Putin 1 found
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