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1 Medvedev was his preferred successor. Vladimir Putin President 12 found
2 A group of FSB colleagues dispatched to work undercover in the government has successfully completed its first mission. Vladimir Putin prime minister of Russia 4 found
3 he called Sir Elton John, after the singer was duped by Russian comedians pretending to be the politician. Vladimir Putin president 3 found
4 he will take on the role of prime minister if the man he is backing to be president when he steps down wins elections scheduled for next year Vladimir Putin President 3 found
5 the Kremlin has not received any official notice from the U.S. that would indicate that President Obama is planning to cancel a meeting with the Russian president before the G20 summit in September, RIA Novosti reported. Vladimir Putin spokesman for Russian President 3 found
6 monetary allowances for servicemen in permanent-readiness units will be raised significantly. Vladimir Putin Prime Minister 3 found
7 for immediate talks on the "statehood" of southern and eastern parts of the country Vladimir Putin President 3 found
8 he has won Russia's presidential election, restoring the former KGB officer to the office he held for eight years before term limits forced him to step down in 2008 Vladimir Putin Prime Minister 3 found
9 he knew the owners of Baikalfinansgrup. Vladimir Putin president 2 found
10 So where is this reset? Vladimir Putin presumably future president 2 found
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