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1 a peace accord has been reached in Vietnam. Richard Nixon President 5 found
2 in his eulogy, was that "he knew how to accomplish what other people were merely for. Richard Nixon President 4 found
3 the superiority of the capitalist system while standing in front of an example of a modern American kitchen Richard Nixon Vice-President 4 found
4 an import surcharge: transportation prices went up and export control was lacking Richard Nixon President 4 found
5 America's role in the pursuit of world peace during his second inaugural address, delivered on January 20, 1973 Richard Nixon incumbent President 4 found
6 peace with honor Richard Nixon President 4 found
7 them No. 1 Richard Nixon President 3 found
8 of veteran Los Angeles newscaster George Putnam Richard Nixon former President 2 found
9 executive authority to force the Times to suspend publication of classified information in its possession Richard Nixon President 2 found
10 his resignation 40 years ago today, the stakes were high Richard Nixon President 2 found
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