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Also known as: "John Kennedy"

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11 John F. Kennedy advisors Arthur Schlesinger current 3 found
12 John F. Kennedy Elementary School Lincoln Elementary School Longoria Lyndon B. Johnson current 2 found
13 John F. Kennedy national security adviser McGeorge Bundy current 2 found
14 John F. Kennedy 1961 special assistant Richard M. Nixon 2 found
15 John F. Kennedy personal physician George Burkley current 2 found
16 John F. Kennedy Director Bob Cabana current 2 found
17 John F. Kennedy 1960 Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy 2 found
18 Lee Harvey Oswald Deputy John F. Kennedy current 2 found
19 John F. Kennedy friend and appointments secretary Kenneth O'Donnell current 2 found
20 John F. Kennedy physician George Burkley current 2 found
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