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11 The Internal Security Act is a draconian law.; No country should any longer have laws that allow for detention without trial. George W. Bush President 3 found
12 he needs a month off to unwind George W. Bush President 3 found
13 Peltier's clemency petition before leaving office George W. Bush President 3 found
14 expedited major disaster declaration George W. Bush president 3 found
15 he was "inspired by the skill and heroism of the flight crew", and he also praised the emergency responders and volunteers George W. Bush Outgoing U.S. President 3 found
16 “I hope the provisions of this important legislation will support the people of Zimbabwe in their struggle to effect peaceful democratic change, achieve economic growth, and restore the rule of law.” [32] Since effecting peaceful democratic change means, in Washington’s parlance, ousting the Zanu-PF government, and since restoring the rule of law equates, in Washingtonian terms, to forbidding the expropriation of George W. Bush president 3 found
17 coal was the most reliable source of electricity. George W. Bush then- President 3 found
18 the prison would be demolished. George W. Bush President 3 found
19 a book about his life entitled Decision Points George W. Bush public speaker 3 found
20 the existence of secret CIA prisons and said 14 key terrorist suspects have now been sent to Guantanamo Bay , Cuba George W. Bush President 3 found
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