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1 each day the strike drags on will have a significant impact Bill Boyd Resources Minister 1 found
2 Paul and John are outstanding additions to an already distinguished Board of Directors; With almost four decades of experience in the hospitality industry, Paul will be an invaluable advisor to our Company as we continue to execute on our long-term growth strategy. And as one of Nevada's most respected attorneys, John will further strengthen our legal expertise on the Board. We are pleased to welcome John and Paul to the Board, and we look forward to working with them in creating value for all Boyd Gaming shareholders. Bill Boyd Executive Chairman, Boyd Gaming Corporation 1 found
3 the government will work to ensure that a quality wood supply is made available to the two mills, and will work with the two companies to assure transportation infrastructure and establish a roads and transportation agreement. Bill Boyd Resources Minister 1 found
4 he'd be open to taking a more proactive approach to protect migrant workers Bill Boyd minister 1 found
5 I think that’s probably a good suggestion that we could be looking closer at the LMOs and the Temporary Foreign Workers’ situation, that’s not a bad thing Bill Boyd 2 found
6 if there are temporary foreign workers out there that feel that their situation has not been handled properly in any fashion, we would be happy to look into it. Bill Boyd 1 found
7 Domtar had made a counter-offer to the government to get the Prince Albert mill reopened Bill Boyd 1 found
8 in 2008 Saskatchewan began its Program Integrity Unit, which is responsible for investigating abuses of migrant workers Bill Boyd 1 found
9 the Hudson Bay and Carrot River softwood operations could be reopened under a new owner despite Weyerhaeuser's permanent shutdown. Bill Boyd 1 found
10 I’d stress on relatively rare occasions we find these types of situations Bill Boyd 1 found
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