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11 Domtar had made a counter-offer to the government to get the Prince Albert mill reopened Bill Boyd say 1 found
12 Reagan High School Bill Boyd led 1 found
13 the gambler's entry Bill Boyd facilitate 1 found
14 two other candidates Bill Boyd defeat 1 found
15 this Bill Boyd believe 1 found
16 the larger issue is the need for a new vessel to replace the 26-year-old Fire Belle, which could be an expense upwards of $500,000 Bill Boyd say 1 found
17 the leader of that party Bill Boyd become 1 found
18 that the government will work to ensure that a quality wood supply is made available to the two mills, and will work with the two companies to assure transportation infrastructure and establish a roads and transportation agreement Bill Boyd say 1 found
19 agriculture producers need the railway to move crops Bill Boyd say 1 found
20 the government was helping to facilitate a sale to potential buyers Bill Boyd say 1 found
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