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11 to Watie and condemned the outrageous and tyrannical conduct of John Ross and his self-created council… Andrew Jackson Former President 1 found
12 his disdain for the international bankers: - "You are a den of vipers Andrew Jackson President 1 found
13 Muir would only serve half the 18 year term Andrew Jackson son 1 found
14 removal policy was an effort to prevent the Cherokee from facing the fate of "the Mohegan , the Narragansett , and the Delaware " Andrew Jackson President 1 found
15 to protest Scott's decision Andrew Jackson Even former President 1 found
16 In a message to Congress Andrew Jackson President 1 found
17 instrumental in restoring the constitution of the country to what it was intended to be by those who formed it . . . relieving that sacred instrument from those constructive and implied additions under which Congress have claimed the right to place beyond the reach of the people, and without responsibility, a moneyed power. Andrew Jackson president 1 found
18 the banks stock was held by only foreigners and a few hundred rich American citizens. Andrew Jackson President 1 found
19 in reference to the bankers at the state of his administration Andrew Jackson President 1 found
20 he knows not what to do with it Andrew Jackson General 1 found
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