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1 I should go on with my studies. Adolf Hitler Uncle 2 found
2 were slaughtering the Sudeten Germans Adolf Hitler Czechs 2 found
3 we should wait two years. Adolf Hitler Uncle 2 found
4 He served as an altar boy and sang in the choir but was not a practicing Catholic as an adult, though in public discourses he continued Adolf Hitler Christian 2 found
5 to the genealogist, "As far as I and my sisters can tell, it is correct. Adolf Hitler son 2 found
6 but instead feared him all the more Adolf Hitler father 2 found
7 he regarded Ford as his "inspiration," explaining his reason for keeping Ford's life-size portrait next to his desk Adolf Hitler Detroit News reporter 2 found
8 it was inappropriate for Christians to seek to convert Jews to their faith Adolf Hitler first prominent Christian 1 found
9 his intention to motorize the nation, with every German owning either a car or a tractor in the future, and unveiled two new programs: the "people's car" and a state-sponsored motor racing programme to develop a "high speed German automotive industry"; to initiate this, Mercedes-Benz were to be given an annual grant of 500,000 Reichsmark Adolf Hitler Chancellor 1 found
10 for some of their internal publications Adolf Hitler , Irgun 1 found
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