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date naturaldisaster effect location compare ▾
1 1898 famine warfare killed off about half Sudan United Kingdom 1 found
2 2015-07-28 earthquake 164,851 people are heavily injured United Kingdom 1 found
3 2015-02-12 earthquake 700 dead United Kingdom 1 found
4 2009 tornado kills 2 at northern Ontario resort United Kingdom 1 found
5 2013-10-28 storm Death toll has risen to four United Kingdom 1 found
6 1954-09-09 earthquake Algeria killed 1,500 and left thousands homeless United Kingdom 1 found
7 2015-12-15 earthquake 2200 dead United Kingdom 1 found
8 2007-01-18 storm caused eleven deaths, all in England, all United Kingdom 1 found
9 1836 avalanche kills 8 of 15 buried United Kingdom 1 found
10 2007 flood flooded Millbeck Green and much of the A58 Leeds Road United Kingdom 1 found
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