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Persons in PersonAttributes PersonAttributes
birthdate birthplace gender person age
   Lyndon B. Johnson
1908-08-27 Texas M Lyndon B. Johnson
   Winifred Helen Hicks
1879 Texas M Winifred Helen Hicks
   Navy Crosses
1885 Texas M Navy Crosses
   Gregory Miley
Texas M Gregory Miley 19
   James Jones
1943 Texas M James Jones
   Lyndon Baines Johnson
1908-08-27 Texas M Lyndon Baines Johnson
1895 Texas F Julia
   Karis Paige Bryant
1985-06-16 Texas M Karis Paige Bryant
   William Preston Longley
1851-10-06 Texas M William Preston Longley
   Mary Karr
1955 Texas F Mary Karr
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