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DiplomaticRelations of New York

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Diplomaticentity2s in DiplomaticRelations DiplomaticRelations
date diplomaticentity1 diplomaticentity2 location diplomaticaction
Sri Lankans LTTE New York protest
   Dominique Strauss-Kahn
France Dominique Strauss-Kahn New York accusation
Avner Kauffman Israel New York accusation
   Sidney Hillman
1944 American Labor Party Sidney Hillman New York dispute
   United States
2010-06-30 Russia United States New York condemnation
   Steve Munro
Tanzania Steve Munro New York sanction
   Olga Viscal Garriga
Puerto Ricans Olga Viscal Garriga New York disagreement
   United Kingdom
United Nations United Kingdom New York accusation
   Islamic Republic of Iran
Russia Islamic Republic of Iran New York rejection
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