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Person_employees in EmploymentRelation EmploymentRelation
person_employer date position person_employee status
   Greg Theakston
Marvel Comics historian Greg Theakston current
   James I. Robertson , Jr.
Civil War historian James I. Robertson , Jr. current
Banji Akintoye historian Oguntoye current
   Gerald J. Prokopowicz
Abraham Lincoln historian Gerald J. Prokopowicz current
   Greg Walker
Michael Echanis historian Greg Walker current
   Les Daniels
Marvel Comics historian Les Daniels current
   Chris Gardner
Bill Haley historian Chris Gardner current
   James D. Horan
Mathew Brady historian James D. Horan current
   Neil Harding
Vladimir Lenin historian Neil Harding current
   Mildred H. McAfee
Tony Martin historian Mildred H. McAfee current
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