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Persons in EmploymentChange EmploymentChange
date person changetype employmentchangestatus organization company position
   Gotthard Heinrici
2005-03-20 Gotthard Heinrici enters announced German Army Group Vistula commander
   Jeffrey Wissel
2012-02-27 Jeffrey Wissel leaves announced Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron commander
   Dyke Acland
1903-04-13 Dyke Acland enters announced Royal Victorian Order commander
   Kevin Harms
2012-03-09 Kevin Harms leaves announced Strike Fighter Squadron commander
   Fahreddin Bey
1916-07-17 Fahreddin Bey enters announced Hejaz Expeditionary Force commander
   Karl Pugh
2011-07-19 Karl Pugh leaves announced Whidbey Island commander
1912-03-06 Atat enters announced Derne commander
   Juan Cesar Cordero Davila
1952-02-08 Juan Cesar Cordero Davila enters announced 1-296th Infantry commander
   Fahreddin Pasha
1916-07-17 Fahreddin Pasha enters announced Hejaz Expeditionary Force commander
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