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Persons in PersonCareer PersonCareer
country city person organization company provinceorstate position careertype status
   Charles H. Houston
Charles H. Houston NAACP Murder Inc. Lawyer professional past
   Will Ford Hartnett
Will Ford Hartnett Texas House Dell Lawyer professional current
   Judith Armatta
Judith Armatta Coalition for International Justice British Helsinki Group Lawyer professional current
   Channing Cox
Channing Cox Massachusetts House of Representatives Crane Lawyer professional current
   Barney Afako
Barney Afako Lord Resistance Army Washington Post Lawyer professional current
   Michael Ratner
Michael Ratner Center for Constitutional Rights Litten Lawyer professional current
   William Aspinwall
William Aspinwall Army Tappan Lawyer professional current
   Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy United States Marine Corps Esalen Mike Murphy Lawyer professional current
   Charles Carroll
Charles Carroll Congress Intel Corporation Lawyer professional current
   Frederick Van Voorhies Holman
Frederick Van Voorhies Holman Oregon Historical Society Willamette Lawyer professional current
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