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Persons in EmploymentChange EmploymentChange
date person changetype employmentchangestatus organization company position
   Dick Cheney
2000-07-25 Dick Cheney leaves announced Halliburton Co. CEO
   Steve Jobs
2011-08-24 Steve Jobs leaves announced Apple Inc. CEO
   James Murdoch
2007-12-07 James Murdoch leaves announced BSkyB CEO
   David Bernauer
2006-07-12 David Bernauer leaves announced Walgreens CEO
   Holger Kluge
1999 Holger Kluge enters announced Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce CEO
   Andrew N. Liveris
2004 Andrew N. Liveris enters announced the Dow Chemical Company CEO
   Eric Schmidt
2011-01-20 Eric Schmidt leaves announced Google CEO
   Idris Jala
2005-12-01 Idris Jala enters announced Government of Malaysia CEO
   Anne M. Mulcahy
2001-08-01 Anne M. Mulcahy enters announced Xerox Corporation CEO
   Donald Petersen
1985 Donald Petersen enters announced Ford Motor Company CEO
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