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MusicAlbumRelease of Prince

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Musicalbums in MusicAlbumRelease MusicAlbumRelease
musicalbum date musicgroup_performer person_performer status
   The Beautiful Experience
The Beautiful Experience 1994-05-17 Prince Known
Heroin 2010 Prince Known
   The Black Album
The Black Album 1994-11 Prince Known
   One Nite Alone...
One Nite Alone... 2002 Prince Known
Controversy 1981-10 Prince Known
   Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic
Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic 1999 Prince Known
   For You
For You 1978-04-07 Prince Known
   MusicGreen Day to
MusicGreen Day to 2016 Prince Known
   Dirty Mind
Dirty Mind 1980 Prince Known
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