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date personrelationtype person1 person
   Alethia Van Horn
1825-03-03 romantic Alethia Van Horn Andrew Jackson
   Louisa A Edwards
1829-03-19 romantic Louisa A Edwards Andrew Jackson
   Frances Ann Thruston
1848-04-27 romantic Frances Ann Thruston Andrew Jackson
   Maria Kennedy
1818-10-06 romantic Maria Kennedy Andrew Jackson
   Winifred Willis Airey
1926 romantic Winifred Willis Airey Andrew Jackson
   Caroline J. Engles
1868-03-22 romantic Caroline J. Engles Andrew Jackson
   Sarah Anthony Morse
1845-12-25 romantic Sarah Anthony Morse Andrew Jackson
   Jane Alexander
1818 romantic Jane Alexander Andrew Jackson
   Andrew Jackson
1818 romantic Jane Alexander Andrew Jackson
   Jacob Johnson
1827-05-17 romantic Jacob Johnson Andrew Jackson
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