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Persons in PersonAttributes PersonAttributes
birthdate birthplace gender person age
   Aaron Evans
1873-07-21 United Kingdom M Aaron Evans 17
   Samuel Taylor
1819-01-06 United Kingdom M Samuel Taylor 83
   Daniel Bourne
1810 United Kingdom M Daniel Bourne 26
   William H. Taylor
1829-02-13 United Kingdom M William H. Taylor 72
   Marcus E. Sewell
1805 United Kingdom M Marcus E. Sewell 31
   Emily Day
1871-12-28 United Kingdom F Emily Day 29
   William Brett
1829-09-10 United Kingdom M William Brett 71
   W. Brearley
1828-11-21 United Kingdom M W. Brearley 72
   Richard Wood
1849-06-20 United Kingdom M Richard Wood 51
   Lucy B. Pank
1844-11-11 United Kingdom F Lucy B. Pank 56
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