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Persons in EmploymentChange EmploymentChange
date person changetype employmentchangestatus organization company position
   Geoffrey Dawson
Geoffrey Dawson leaves announced The Times Editor
   John Witherow
John Witherow enters announced The Times acting editor
   Max Frankel
Max Frankel leaves announced The Times executive editor
   Angus MacLeod
Angus MacLeod leaves announced The Times Scottish editor
2012-04-30 James leaves announced The Times member of the board
   David Horovitz Netanyahu
David Horovitz Netanyahu leaves announced The Times PA head
   Colin Coote
1950 Colin Coote enters announced The Times Editor
   John Stoddart
John Stoddart enters announced The Times Editor
   Josh St. Cyr
Josh St. Cyr leaves announced The Times girls basketball coach
   Tom Wicker
Tom Wicker leaves planned The Times bureau chief
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