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Persons in PersonTravel PersonTravel
date person locationdestination locationorigin status
   Brad Pitt
2013 Brad Pitt Cannes past
   Jerry Lewis
2009 Jerry Lewis Cannes past
   Sarah Jessica Parker
2011-05-14 Sarah Jessica Parker Cannes future
   Pedro Costa
2007 Pedro Costa Cannes past
   Victoria Beckham
2005-06-26 Victoria Beckham Cannes future
   Frederick Joseph McEvoy
Frederick Joseph McEvoy Cannes Paris possible_future
   Quentin Tarantino
2004 Quentin Tarantino Cannes past
   Piolo Pascual
2013 Piolo Pascual Cannes past
   John O'Donoghue
John O'Donoghue London Cannes past
   Freddie McEvoy
Freddie McEvoy Cannes Paris future
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